Activated Carbon Water Filters Rock

The primary aim of an activated carbon water philtre is to eliminate chlorine from our drinking water, which is much more important than many people seem to know. Many scientists and medical professionals already conclude that chlorine absorption is the primary explanation for the historic rise in cancer cases over the past century. Learn more about Pacific Coast Carbon LLC.

The fact is that activated carbon philtres can eliminate much more chemical pollutants from your drinking water than just chlorine alone, and that’s a good thing because there have been 2,100 other known cancer-causing agents found in our water supply in addition to chlorine.

The reason that an activated carbon water philtre is required for the home is that the water treatment facilities equipment is so dilapidated and out-of-date that there is almost no chance that they will simply be overhauled to allow them to eliminate these toxins from our drinking water.

The possibility of these treatment facilities being gutted and re-fitted with the new equipment they need to be able to clean our water efficiently is extremely low , particularly with our economy in the state it is in. So it looks as though our only solution is activated carbon philtres, but they alone can not guarantee us clean water.

An activated carbon water philtre is able to block most of the chemical pollutants we face effectively, but it does not block each one of them. That is why, with what is known as a multi media block, it is important to complement your carbon philtre. Between the two of these philtres, 99.99 percent of all chemical pollutants present will be safe.

However, activated carbon philtres and multimedia blocks are not the only security you need in your water purification device if you want to be very healthy for your water. In your drinking water, there are also biological pollutants that are impervious to the disinfection process of chlorination.

A sub- micron philtre can also be attached to an activated carbon water philtre. What this philtre does is to eliminate all pathogens and cysts from your drinking water, ensuring that you and your family are protected from the ravages of any waterborne disease that may occur.

For both you and your family, activated carbon philtres may be a real life saver, but note that the other featured philtres are equally important as a way to protect the health of your family. The best thing you can do to ensure you’re safe from the many pollutants in your drinking water today is to add an activated carbon water philtre.