Finding a Gym – Things To Avoid

With so many gyms to choose from, it can often be difficult to choose a fitness centre that is right for you. When choosing a gym, find out what to look for.Do you want to learn more? Visit TS Fitness

I have lifted in hundreds of gyms around the United States and have even worked in many as a personal trainer. There always seems to be one thing about every gym I’ve ever been to that seems to be a turn off. Here’s a list of stuff to keep an eye on so you don’t end up with a never-ending contract in the wrong gym.

1) Cleanliness. The second you step through the doors, you make your first impression of a gym. Look around and take a few breaths. Are the floors tiles, if they are shiny and clean? Are there carpets, if they are vacuumed and stain-free? This may not sound like a big deal, but how clean a gym is directly influences the level of service you receive as a member. Until I worked in a gym, I worked in a gym

2) People. No one wants to eat in an empty restaurant, so why would someone in an empty gym want to lift weights? I understand that it can be a privilege to be able to lift and not have to wait to use a bench or machine, but a red flag should be seeing just a few people exercising at prime time.

3) Location. Not just where the gym is located, but how far is it from your home , school, or where you work? It’s easy to go from one of those places directly to the gym because it can save you a ride and some gas. I travelled to a certain gym once for 45 minutes to exercise. The commute wasn’t worth the exercise, no matter how great it was.

4) Price. Everyone has their own budget, so if you think about all the qualities that a gym is capable of providing, their price for the gym better suits what they offer. Some memberships in the gym are as low as $10 a month, and I’ve seen several hundreds of dollars a month. A contract is also what comes with a price. Always make sure you read all of a contract so that you’re not locked in.

5) Equipment. This is really crucial and will potentially make or break the decision of someone to enter a gym. Imagine if a power lifter wanted to work out in a gym, and the dumbbells only went up to 50 pounds. I worked out myself in a gym where the dumbbells only went up to 65 pounds. It was painful.