Important Information Regarding Dodging Difficult Clients

Defining the Functions and Setting Goals

Once the client has decided to recruit you, you must identify everyone’s position in the project at your formal meeting with them. You should make a spreadsheet of deliverables and allocate each one to a person and a date. If it’s copy for their website, for example, you’ll want to allocate it to the customer along with a release date. Stress the importance of being on budget, and ensuring the customer is committed to doing so. Inform the customer about the proposal, the methodology, the objectives, and the deadlines. Before you start, double-check that everybody is on the same page. Before you can consider launching the project, double-check if all deliverables that are needed to get it started have been reached. I strongly suggest you to visit to learn more about this.

Establish goals and expectations instead of simply assigning them a deadline. Isn’t it safer that the customer chooses to restart the project at the first deadline rather than at the end date?


Anything should be recorded. After each phone call, send an email that summarises the conversation. Keep track of all project-related communications and records. Keep in mind, without going into too much detail, to remain coordinated. For all of your tasks, both soft and hard papers, create a clear file/folder/directory structure.

Obtaining Tax

If you haven’t done so before, build a payment system and adhere to it. For eg, in web production, a typical payment arrangement is 50% upfront, 50% after the project is finished. Other options include costing everything up front if the budget is less than $2,000, or creating a personalised payment plan for projects above $10,000, depending on the customer and project. Be sure you don’t slack on this, even though it’s for a little project. You may also consider providing a discount on purchases made on time or early, as well as fines for late payments.

In conclusion

Set expectations and achievements for yourself.

Assign timelines of everyone’s deliverables.

Educate the customer

Every communication with the customer should be recorded, and a phone call should be followed up with an email.

Build a file system that is compatible.

Make a payment plan that is regular.

Early payment discounts are given, and late payment penalties are imposed.

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