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An estate-planning lawyer is also known as upon to advise anyone having legal authority to make decisions for their deceased loved one through probate court over the property of the decedent. In most instances, an estate planning lawyer will be able to assist you to save your property from probate courts entirely, but this largely depends on how much money the decedent left behind and what his/her assets were worth prior to his/her death. Regardless, if you are planning on retaining the services of an estate planning lawyer, it is important to understand what he/she can do for you and the process as well. Browse this site listing about Johnson Law Firm, PC
The main purpose of an estate planning lawyer is to protect those who have taken their lives and that includes the property of the decedent. An estate planner is a lawyer that helps plan for your estate as well as a financial planner who specializes in handling your financial affairs. Many people are unaware that they actually have some kind of legal representation, particularly since the state of Texas does not require anyone who wishes to become an estate planner to undergo any kind of training. The person who is in charge of making sure that your estates are protected must be a licensed attorney and a certified public accountant. These are two individuals who have been properly trained to handle all aspects of estate planning and they are in the best position to advise you on what your future financial status might look like if your assets were sold off to pay for your funeral and burial costs.
If you are involved in probate proceedings, you must inform your lawyer about the situation and he or she will then make sure that all assets are placed in trust, where your lawyer can then negotiate a fair price for them and make sure that they are sold off at the right time. If you are not yet married, your estate planner will help you work out an agreement with your spouse so that he or she can manage the finances and provide guidance when your assets become available to them. An estate planner will also be an asset in the probate case because he or she knows how to sell properties and get a fair price for them.