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The government is now in a position where they are either damned for listening to this advice or damned for not listening to it. It would be political suicide to disregard this advice. They needed to demonstrate to the rest of the world that saving human lives was more important than preserving the economy. They didn’t have a say. Browse around this web-site Partida Corona Medical Center

As a result, we are now under lockout, with increased bureaucratic constraints and power. Politicians justify their behaviour by saying that they have flattened the virus’s spread curve. Since we have all stopped socialising, you don’t have to be a prophet to see this coming. Of course, they are blind to the growing trend of mass unemployment and economic catastrophe. It’s past time for them to pay attention to the economy and what’s going on in their communities. The lockdown can’t last indefinitely. If the lockdown is lifted, the curve is expected to increase. Will we go into lockdown every time a new virus strikes in this manner? Shouldn’t we be preparing more field hospitals, quarantine camps, and other facilities in the future, or even now?

The government is constantly listening to medical experts who can only think in one direction, which is the bureaucratic direction. They are unable to think in any other manner. These physicians are only interested in saving lives at all costs. They are unconcerned about the economy or the plight of those who lose their jobs. How can we possibly arrive at a rational solution to coping with this issue if governments continue to listen to these experts? Why can’t we isolate those that are weak and contagious while the rest of the society goes about its business? The government will have to make a decision and bite the bullet sooner or later.

Please don’t get discouraged, though. There is a silver lining to any cloud. All of this must be interpreted as a positive experience. Many of us have come to understand the essence of independence as a result of our forced self-isolation. It has also encouraged us to focus on ourselves and learn more about our families.