Pool Remodeling and Repairs – The Basics

Pool remodelling and renovations are, for the most part, better left to specialist companies. Although the average homeowner can handle small jobs on their own (depending on the type), most of these jobs need comprehensive equipment and expertise, not to mention manpower. Even so it helps to be educated so that when it comes to these topics, you know what you are getting into. When it comes to price and time, the more you know, the less likely it will be that you will be taken advantage of. The distinction between a job that needs to be taken care of now and one that can wait should also be known to you.Have a look at MG Pools-Pool Builder for more info on this.

The kind you own will depend on your particular pool remodelling and repairs. Generally, they are made of one of three materials: fibreglass, vinyl, or most often, concrete. If you plan to purchase one you should know each one’s vulnerabilities and the likely service you’ll need down the road. For a structure of fibreglass, it is unlikely that you will run into any issues with the structure itself. Fiberglass cracking is very hard, but the main issues are likely to be from discoloration due to chemicals. Usually, this is a cheap remedy, since even the worst discoloration can be taken care of by an acid wash.

You have to be mindful of tears if you’re dealing with vinyl. You can typically get away with just repairing them and getting on if the tears are small enough. Larger tears would need a full repair, however. On the other hand, replacing a torn liner is not terribly expensive. Usually, the top of the line price is below $300, and many can be found below $100.

The most common material is concrete, but it is also the most expensive to fix. If you live in the north and are exposed to severe cold, as the water freezes and then thaws, the concrete can be vulnerable to cracking. Smaller cracks in the concrete can be patched, as with vinyl. However, larger cracks can call for a complete redesign, which can be very costly.