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Home health care is healthcare or specialized care given by a trained professional caregiver at the patient’s home where the patient or involved client is residing, rather than care given in group facilities such as nursing homes or clinics. Often, home health care is also referred to as domiciliary home care, social service or in-home medical care. The goal of home health care is to provide patients with the most appropriate home health care that takes into consideration the unique situation of the patient, such as age, physical condition and medical history. A typical home health care service involves the routine tasks of providing safety protection for the patient, giving medications as ordered, helping the patient to remain comfortable, conducting health assessments and diagnostics, preparing the patient for activities of daily living (ADL) and supervising the patient’s care. Some home health care services also involve assistance with tasks such as bathing, dressing, driving the patient to appointments, and shopping for necessary supplies.I strongly suggest you to visit Smiling Heart Home Health Care Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park to learn more about this.

Most home health care services utilize modern technologies to help provide a higher level of personal care for their patients. In-home medical care service also utilizes many of the same technologies used in hospitals, including computerized physician order writing (CPOE), computerized physician order taking (CPOS), telephone inquiries and telephone call routing. However, some home health care agencies focus more on providing self-contained illness monitoring systems. Examples of this technology include PACE (Preferred Adjustive Therapy Acute Energy Techniques), which monitors heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rates, temperature and blood oxygen saturation; Holter monitor, which is a non-intrusive monitor that measures lung volume; and Video Demonstrations, which allows home health care professionals to demonstrate activities to patients. Other technologies utilized by home health care professionals include: digital weighing scales, digital electronic scales, infrared headography and ultrasound machines. These technologies are designed to help provide a high-quality, personalized care experience for their patients.

As illness worsens or is reported, home health care professionals often refer their patients to a long-term nursing home care provider. For those who qualify, long-term care facilities offer the most comprehensive inpatient care available. Long-term nursing home care typically includes specialized medical equipment and personnel to ensure the safety and quality of life of their patients. Home health care is an affordable solution for older adults who need help caring for themselves but don’t want to become ill or injured. Home health care helps older adults live independently so they can lead normal lives.


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