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People today are looking to keep more of their money in their pocket, so what efficient energy saving home strategies will reduce your energy bills today? A few simple changes made in your home can result in saving money on your energy bills. look at this site

Failure to apply some energy saving home strategies cost people money everyday in their homes. A hot water heater set above 60 degrees centigrade or 140 degrees Fahrenheit will use more energy and water than if it is set lower. When the water heater is set above 60 degrees cold water will have to be added before it can be at a temperature to use.

Just a quick glance around your house can reveal energy efficiencies just waiting to be put in place. When you were growing up, you were probably told countless times to turn the lights off when you leave an unoccupied room. How often are the lights left on in rooms in your house and nobody is there? This is one of the quickest ways to reduce your energy bill. Homes today, and I am sure yours as well, are full of electronic equipment and gadgets. These pieces of equipment should not be left own.

Even in the standby status energy is being used in a certain amount. Leaving equipment in standby rather than turning if off can be as much as 5-10 percent of your energy cost. A microwave not in use but left plugged in still uses energy. When the microwave is not in use unplug it from the power source. If you are concerned about not having access to the clock on the microwave, be smart purchase a battery operated clock for use instead. Almost every home has at least one computer, there area several strategies to save energy cost including simply turning it off. Just because your computer has a great standby feature doesn’t mean you have to use it and the extra energy it takes. You will also add life to your monitor by turning it off.

In fact let your monitor work for you by setting the blank screen to automatically turn it off when there has been no use. With this strategy alone you could save between fifty to one-hundred dollars annually on your energy bill. Dimming your monitor screen brightness is another strategy to save power cost for your computer. In addition you will decrease the time your laptop uses up battery time. Purchase a new LCD monitor to replace your old CRT monitor that is not energy efficient. The savings with the new monitor can be substantial with savings of 66 percent.

Energy saving strategies are waiting in your laundry room. If you have a top loading washer, when it needs to be replaced, do so with a front loading washer. The front loading models offer energy and water efficiencies. Hang your clothes on a clothes line for drying rather than placing them in the dryer. It is wonderful for your clothes and requires only natural source of energy that is free.