A DUI Attorney Can Help You Through Your DUI Arrest

You may feel that your condition is hopeless after a drunk driving arrest, especially if you failed a breath test that showed an over the limit blood alcohol content. Nonetheless, before making any decisions, you can meet with a DUI attorney to review your case. Other legal aspects of the DUI charges can be called into question in court.I strongly suggest you to visit https://duichicago.com/dui-law/important-questions-to-ask-when-talking-to-a-dui-attorney to learn more about this.

Arrests must be based on probable cause, and residents must be protected from arbitrary searches and seizures, according to the US Constitution and the majority of state constitutions. If your DUI arrest did not follow the rules, your DUI counsel will be able to successfully defend you against the charges solely on this basis.

Unless the search is part of a pre-arranged DUI checkpoint, law enforcement officers are not permitted to stop cars at random. Drivers who are detained because of their race or ethnicity, or for some other dubious reason, may have reasonable reasons to doubt the validity of the stop and the DUI arrest.

During drunk driving arrests, mistakes can happen. Your DUI lawyer can seek to get any subsequent evidence or the entire case dismissed if the police question or arrest you without reading you the Miranda notice. As part of your overall defence strategy, your DUI lawyer can question the investigating police officer’s background and expertise.

DUI laws and regulations vary by state, and some jurisdictions require DUI offenders to take a breath test or provide a blood sample to determine their blood alcohol content, or BAC. Refusing to take any of these exams would usually result in higher costs and fines, including the loss of your driver’s licence. Some police departments have “no refusal” policies, which require any DUI suspect who refuses to take a breath test to provide a blood sample.