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The rank of apprentice electrician is first. Individuals are entitled to take the journeyman electrician exam after having accumulated enough hours as an apprentice and completed the requisite number of electrician courses. Once licenced as a traveller, before the person qualifies to take the master electrician or electrical contractor licencing test, an additional number of hours working in the field are required. It should come as no surprise that the highest electrical wage is received by a master electrician or an electrical contractor. These people have advanced through a number of steps required until they have reached the top of the electrical licencing ladder. They really won their jobs and great pay.  Our website provides info on Smyrna light installation
Before a person may become a master electrician or electrical contractor, each state has different requirements. Starting out as an apprentice, a person must work for a certain amount of time in that role and take a certain number of credit hours in electrician courses before they apply to take the test to become an electrician traveller. Individuals who pass the travel electrician licence test must continue to work another specified number of hours in the sector until they are qualified to take the examination to become an electrical contractor or master electrician. Before a person can become a master electrician or electrical contractor, this whole process can take as much as 6-8 years. It is no wonder these people earn a hefty salary. You may want to consider becoming an outside lineman working for the local electric company if you would like to receive a high electrician salary and want to work outdoors. Generally, outside lineman earns more money than average electrician wages. Make no mistake about it, however: you’re going to receive the higher salary! Install and fix the high voltage wires that provide electricity to different structures outside the lineman.