How Does Alcohol Affect the Body – Common Facts Revealed?

For many centuries now alcohol has been a part of society and we have taken it for granted that it is harmless and doesn’t do harm to us in any way. However this is totally untrue because over time alcohol has proven itself to be quite harmful to the body as well as the brain. In fact alcohol can cause all kinds of health problems.Huntington Beach alcohol offers excellent info on this.

Alcohol is usually the main ingredient in what makes you drunken. The alcohol in alcoholic beverages is commonly known as ethanol (ethyl alcohol), which is created when yeast converts sugars in fruits, grains and vegetables into alcohol. For instance, wine is basically made from yeast which is fermented by bacteria in barrels. The alcohol in alcoholic beverages is also produced synthetically using yeast cells and in this case alcohol is considered a depressant. This means that if too much alcohol is consumed the brain will not function properly because depressants affect the brain’s chemistry.

Alcohol causes different types of illnesses depending on who the alcohol is consumed by. For instance, one of the main causes of liver disease is heavy drinking, while women are more susceptible to breast cancer due to alcohol consumption. Also, one of the most common illnesses caused by alcohol is cirrhosis which is a condition that develops in people who drink heavily and develop blood clots. In fact even death can occur due to alcohol if the user does not stop drinking on time.


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